We raise heritage pigs in The Drift, a large paddock in the woods near our home.  They spend their days rooting, wallowing, laying on top of each other, and generally behaving like pigs. They get some of their food from foraging (different amounts at different times of year) and leftovers from the garden and orchard, and the remainder of their feed is always GMO free. In addition to the obvious advantages to the pigs’ welfare from living in their natural environment, getting plenty of exercise and foraging makes their meat taste amazing.

We are currently in the process of experimenting with different breeds of pigs to see which ones are a good fit for us, but we promise that any breed of pigs we grow will be a heritage breed selected for taste, so the meat can live up to its full potential of flavor.

We will be selling pork in bulk (by the half pig) or by the cut, slaughtered at our local USDA inspected facility. If you have any questions about this or want to be put on our waiting list, just get in touch through the contact form of our website.