Our Story

Jessica is a former chef turned full time at home mom and rookie farmer.  Henry is a sound recordist with a penchant for building and making.  They met and fell in love in England and travelled through Europe before settling down to have Annabel.  They daydreamed of a life where they could work for themselves, grow their own food, live self reliantly and be free.  They plotted many different paths that could maybe, hopefully, arrive at this goal.  They built a tiny house in the back of a truck, moved it onto a friend’s homestead in Suffolk, and in exchange for helping them with their animals and garden (and learning a huge amount along the way!) lived there for a year.  They applied for a US visa for Henry, and in May of 2016 they finally were able to travel across the ocean to start their new life.  They have settled on a beautiful family farm near Asheville in Western North Carolina, where Jessica’s dad lives, and in the same valley where her great grandparents farmed many years ago.


Nine Yards Farm has been founded with these values- raising heritage animals in a healthy environment where they can fully express their nature, growing apples in polyculture orchards to (one day) produce amazing hard cider, producing food in a way that is not only sustainable, but has a net positive impact on the land, and supporting our local community whenever possible.